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Aqua Baby and Me

(6 months - 18 months)

Dive into bonding and fun with our Aqua Baby & Me class! This special program is designed for parents and their little ones to enjoy the water together. It’s a gentle introduction to the world of swimming, where babies can build water confidence, learn essential water safety skills, and create lasting memories with their caregivers. Join us as we make a splash and lay the foundation for a lifetime of aquatic adventures!

Bubble Guppies

(18 months - 2.5 years)

Dive into aquatic exploration with our Bubble Guppies swim class designed for little ones aged 18 months to 2.5 years! In a safe and nurturing environment, we’ll introduce water safety rules & teach the fundamentals of swimming, including jumping in, swimming on their back, & swimming on their stomach. Our goal is to foster water confidence and equip your child with essential skills so they can enjoy the water while staying safe and having a splash-tastic time!

Baby Sharks

(2.5 years - 5years old)

Dive into our Baby Sharks swim class, designed for budding swimmers aged 2.5 to 5 years! We focus on water safety while nurturing your child’s swimming skills, helping them progress from basics to swimming independently. Our instructors create a fun and supportive environment where young swimmers can build confidence, master techniques, and make a splash-tacular journey towards swimming on their own.

Nemos swimmers

(6 years - 12 years old)

Dive into the exciting world of aquatics with our Nemo Swimmers program, designed for children aged 6 to 12 years old! We’ll fuel their passion for swimming by focusing on skill development, endurance, and a strong foundation in water safety. Our goal is to inspire young swi mmers to not only join swim teams but also consider rewarding careers in swimming, such as becoming lifeguards, where their skills can make a lifesaving difference.

Marlins Swimmers

(13 years and older)

Dive into a healthier you with our Marlins Swimmers program, catering to individuals aged 13 and older! Whether you’re just starting or looking to refine your skills, this class is your gateway to a rewarding exercise regimen through swimming. Join us, embrace the water, and embark on a journey to better health and enhanced swimming prowess, no matter your skill level.

Basic Life Support (BLS)

It covers CPR and AED 2.5 hour course that covers from pediatric to adult CPR AED and choking.

Ask about our group discounts!


It covers CPR, AED, and First Aid. 4 hour course that can be online and in person.

Ask about group discounts.

4 group swim lesson refresher or introduction

The swim introduction lesson consists of 3 swimmers to one instructor.

4 semi introduction or refresher course

The 4 semi introduction course consists of 3 swimmers to one instructor.


Choose your Plan

Group swim lessons

3 swimmers to one instructor

Age recommendation: 5years and older

People that are beginner -advanced

Opened to learning

Parents still need to be patient with process because every child LEARNS different

8 group lessons: $165 (will change to $185 after April 1)
$16 group lessons: $330

Semi private lessons

These are YOU are coming
with a buddy lessons I will
NOT pair vou

Adults that just want to be one buddy

Adults that want someone else for moral support

Parents that have toddlers

Please be patient with the process because everyone LEARNS different

8 semi private lessons: $250

16 semi private lessons: $415

Private swim lessons

children with disabilities

18 months -toddlers

parents that want one on one attention for their child

parents or children that have experienced trauma

Please be patient with the process as everyone LEARNS different

8 private lessons: $400

16 private lessons: $650

Water Aerobics

30 students to one instructor

$90 per person/ 3 days a
week per month

Register Now & Start At The Next Class Meeting

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Make Tuition Payments Monthly To Keep Swimming Affordable

On the last day of each month we bill for the following months tuition and on the first day of each month we draft payments using the payment method you agree to keep on file.

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Need To Take A Break?

Just email us and we will be happy to help. Swimmers on 6 month contract will pay a contract break fee for early termination.