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Partner with Dominion Life Skills Foundation to provide children in underserved populations with essential life-saving aquatic safety skills.

Through Total Body Submersion, we offer vital swimming and water safety programs to children with economic barriers or disabilities. Support us to be a catalyst for change and witness remarkable transformations in the children of your community through the donation tiers below.
Kiana Pauline Moore
[email protected]

Dear Thriving and Diving Business Owner,

I hope this letter finds you well. On behalf of Dominion Life Skills Foundation Inc., I want to express our deepest appreciation for your steadfast support of our mission to empower underserved communities through essential life skills education. Your generosity has been instrumental in fostering positive change, and we are excited to present an opportunity that will directly impact the lives of children in need.

Our partnership with Total Body Submersion has allowed us to extend our reach and offer vital swimming and water safety programs to children who face economic barriers or have disabilities. Through this collaboration, we have witnessed remarkable transformations, and we invite you to continue being a catalyst for change through our updated donation tiers:
  • Provides essential water safety materials for one child.
  • Recognition on our website as a Water Safety Supporter.
  • Sponsors a contribution to children’s swim lesson package.
  • Personalized thank-you email from a child benefiting from the program.

Inclusive Aquatic Advocate


  • Supports swim lessons for children with disabilities.
  • Personalized thank-you email featuring a child benefiting from the program
  • Covers two weeks of swim lessons for a group of children.
  • Social media recognition.
  • Provides a scholarship for a disabled child to attend a full swim program.
  • Logo featured on marketing materials.
  • Sponsors two groups of children.
  • Recognized on a featured TBS podcast.
  • Sponsors five groups of children to learn to swim.
  • Featured on three podcast episodes.
  • Empowers entire communities with a substantial contribution to our swim education programs.
  • VIP recognition and exclusive access to TBS events.
  • Customized partnership opportunities.
  • Transforms the aquatic landscape for numerous children with a generous contribution.
  • Premier recognition across all TBS initiatives. Special acknowledgment in press releases and media coverage.
Your commitment to our shared vision of creating a safer and more inclusive aquatic community is evident, and we believe that, together, we can make an even greater impact. Should you choose to contribute, your support will directly fund our programs, ensuring that children, regardless of their circumstances, gain access to life-changing skills.

To make your donation securely, please visit our website [insert donation link]. Your contribution will be acknowledged according to the corresponding benefits outlined in the donation tiers.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for considering this opportunity and for being an integral part of our journey to empower the next generation.

Warm regards,
Kiana Pauline Moore
Dominion Life Skills Foundation Inc.
[email protected]
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