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About Us

Our Aquatic Journey

Welcome to Total Body Submersion! Our story goes beyond swim lessons; it’s a tale of passion, commitment, and a deep-rooted belief in the transformative power of water. Get to know the heart behind the waves – Total Body Submersion.

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Our Origin

Total Body Submersion was born out of Kiana Pauline’s profound love for swimming. The spark ignited at a tender age when a near-drowning experience became the catalyst for a lifelong journey. Kiana’s parents, recognizing the importance of water safety, guided her towards becoming not just a swimmer but a water enthusiast.

Founder's Vision

Kiana’s vision extends beyond teaching strokes. It’s about building a community where every individual, regardless of background, finds solace, confidence, and joy in the water. The journey from a young girl overcoming fear to a seasoned swimmer with 25 years of experience exemplifies resilience and dedication.

Our Mission

Total Body Submersion is dedicated to offering accessible swim lessons and water safety programs for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. We focus on underserved communities, addressing the lack of quality swim education. Join us in creating a safer aquatic future for everyone.
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The Total Body Submersion Experience

We are more than a swim school; we are a movement for change. By partnering with organizations like the City of Jackson, Jackson Revival Center Church, and others, Total Body Submersion is breaking barriers to make swimming accessible.

Our Commitment

At Total Body Submersion, our commitment goes beyond the pool. We aim to reduce the alarming statistics of accidental drownings, especially in underserved communities. The shortage of lifeguards and inaccessible pools fueled our determination to make a difference.

Beyond the Surface

Total Body Submersion is not just about diving into pools; it’s about diving into a community. Our innovative SaaS platform is a testament to our commitment to making aquatic services accessible to everyone. Join us in this digital aqua-revolution!
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Our Reviews


I have always wanted my children to learn how to swim but I kept putting it off. When I noticed my daughter loved being in the water, I knew I needed to get them in lesson soon. Kiana was recommended by a family member two years ago and I never reached out because I didn’t have the time. This last summer I made the time because my children along with myself need to know the importance of water safety. I didn’t know how to swim, so it didn’t make any sense signing my children up for lessons and not include myself. I ended ended up enjoying the lessons more than the kids. We have learned a lot with Ms. Kiana. We started in 3ft of water and by the end of our lessons we were jumping in 8ft of water. We all was nervous at first , but we got comfortable with it. I also didn’t know it was a great exercise. One of my goals for next year is to sign all of us up again for lessons.


When I first started adult swim lessons with Kiana, I was terrified of water because of a prior incident. However, with her help, I was able to grow more and more comfortable in the water. Kiana is very professional, patient, knowledgeable and courteous. I definitely recommend her for all of your swimming needs. She’s the BEST of the BEST!


Kiana Pauline is a great swim instructor. Her professionalism is top tier. My daughter truly enjoyed her experience and learned a-lot. She make sure the area and pool is safe for the kids. I am pleased with her service and will be back next summer for more lessons.


My kids, 16 & 7, thoroughly enjoyed swim lesson with Kiana Pauline, aka “Ms. Kiana” The lessons were thorough and well rounded. She’s a great instructor and gives out verbal commands as well as demonstrates for the children. Even in the moments the kids were timid or too scared she gently pushed them to try and try harder! We enjoyed our summer lessons!


Ms. Kiana Pauline was a great swim coach. My children are ages 2 and 3 years old. She was very patient, attentive, and very helpful even with them being so young. She knows her skills and is very great with communicating with all ages. My children n I will see her next summer for some more lessons. I will also keep recommending her to anyone. Swimming is a life lesson skill and she gave my babies a lesson that I did not. They love to swim and now that they have the basics of swimming and more knowledge about water they love water even more. Ms.Pauline is amazing.


My son has taken swim lessons with Kiana for 3 years. She helped my son to conquer his fear. He was swimming after about 5 lessons. She truly has a gift, very patient caring with a hint of tough love. I have recommended several people to her. Thanks Kiana


I signed up for 8 week swim lessons for my girls, a 9 year old and 3 year old and it was so worth it. I absolutely loved how Ms Pauline was patient yet thorough with them both. They not only learned how to swim, but also learned discipline and strength within themselves. She really boosted their confidence. I love her safe techniques and plan to keep returning not only for my girls but for myself in the near future. 10/10 Experience and highly would recommend her service to anyone.

Tony Richard

Mrs. Kiana I just wanted to take out time to thank you for your outstanding service for the lifeguarding recertification class that I took. Thank you for working with my schedule, and my particular needs to complete your course. I found your advice on certain evolutions extremely helpful and will be applying it to my set of skills. I will definitely be referring anyone else to you so they can have the same experience. Thanks again,


As a owner, director of my own after school program. We teach swim lessons and I personally teach them I had one student that gave me the most trouble which was my own son. Kiana is patient and taught him everything I wanted him to learn in just four lessons. I bring the hammer but she sealed the deal with her patient and graceful character. I can’t wait to continue working with her in other ways.


Kiana is very professional and patient when providing swimming and life skills services to my youth group. Kiana's most challenging days are her always her best days. I rely on Total Body Submersion to make our summer program complete.


Kiana is an extraordinary lifeguard! She is attentive and passionate about her swimmers. Always observing the adults, the young teens, and the little aquas(infants) in the water at all time to keep us safe.